The problem with the last mile in 2015

This sums up the problem with today’s last mile landscape. How can you be sure you’re getting what you want? In our experience with last mile delivery services, we’ve observed a particularly high error rate – wrong items, unwanted substitutions, and omissions. Postmates CEO Bastian Lehmann appeared this week on Bloomberg West TV with Emily Chang, where she (starting at 3:30) asked him:

“There have been a few times where something’s been missing from my order. It happened again last week! It happened again last week and it was too much trouble to call and tell them… it was the entree! How do you handle that kind of quality control?”

While Lehmann expressed concerns over growing in a way that maintains high standards of quality, the truth is, until a consumer can see what their shopper sees in real time, they’ll never be certain they’re getting the right thing. When will Postmates and their competitors bring the power of mobile telepresence to their platforms? Stay tuned.

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