If you’ve been looking for a way to get exactly what you need, when you need it and where you need it, Consumeron provides a user-friendly, efficient and affordable personal assistant on-demand service.

The Consumeron smartphone and web app allows you to locate “grabbers” who can deliver goods and complete tasks. Whether you need plants from a garden center, wine for your dinner party, or medication from the pharmacy, Consumeron can get you what you need – and usually in 50 minutes or less. Our grabbers use the latest technology to locate destinations and find products, providing you with fast and reliable service. This on-demand personal assistant service frees individuals and entrepreneurs from mundane tasks, freeing them to spend their time on more critical tasks or important personal needs.

Only with Consumeron can you see what your grabber sees, in real time. Consumeron uses cutting-edge mobile telepresence and smartphone technology to get you live streaming video from your grabber and communicate with them directly, helping you make the right choice, and eliminate mixups and returns. With GPS, you can see which grabbers are available nearby, along with their availability and even reviews and info on them. Once en route, you can track their progress. And you can even use Consumeron to schedule regular, recurring pick-ups and drop-offs, making the service even more convenient. Consumeron’s business plan incorporates advertising on the fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles our grabbers drive – allowing us to keep the service affordable.

Your time is a valuable commodity. Don’t waste it trying to do everything yourself. Let Consumeron handle the details so you can focus on the big picture.