1. Google Starts Testing Google Shopping Express In SF, With Free Delivery From Target, Walgreens, Staples and More, March 2013

  2. To Expand Into Seattle And Beyond, Postmates Has Raised $5 Million From Founders Fund And Others, March 2013

  3. Zaarly Shutters Its Reverse Craigslist Marketplace, Goes All In On Virtual Storefronts As Co-Founder Exits, March 2013

  4. Amazon Gets More Same-Day-Delivery Competition: Shutl Coming to 20 Cities, March 2013

  5. How Librestream and Verizon Are Transforming Collaboration in the Field, February 2013

  6. I used Google Glass: the future, but with monthly updates, February 2013

  7. eBay Now: The Promise and Pitfalls of Same-Day Delivery, December 2012

  8. U.S. Postal Service launches experimental same-day delivery for holidays, Metro Post in beta in San Francisco, November 2012

  9. How Walmart is going all out with mobile, November 2012

  10. Walmart Begins Testing Same-Day Delivery In Select Markets, October 2012

  11. Postmates Is Updating Its App To Go After The Grocery Market With Deeper Supermarket Integration, October 2012

  12. Same-Day Shopping Lures FedEx as Premium Business Wanes, October 2012

  13. Shutl Preps US Launch For Same Day Delivery After $2M Round Led By UPS, August 2012

  14. United States Patent: 8244594, August 2012

  15. eBay Is Launching A Same-Day Shipping Service Called eBay Now, August 2012

  16. Instacart Wants To Be Amazon With One-Hour Delivery, August 2012

  17. Uber looking into delivery service, July 2012

  18. Google unveils Google Glass Explorer Edition, June 2012

  19. Apple granted patent for head-mounted displays, July 2012

  20. PayPal acquires, July 2012

  21. Uber adds hybrid vehicles to to on-demand car service fleet, July 2012

  22. Verizon acquires Hughes Telematics, joins auto manufacturers to form 4G Venture Forum for Connected Cars, June 2012

  23. Google launches location-based Coordinate service for mobile workforces, June 2012

  24. Cisco joins Polycom, Microsoft, AT&T, Verizon, and others in Open Visual Communications Consortium, establishing interoperability standards among video collaboration systems, June 2012

  25. Exec adds real-time multimedia messaging, May 2012

  26. Postmates debuts on-demand delivery, TaskRabbit follows shortly, May 2012

  27. Exec launches Exec for Companies, March 2012

  28. PayPal Here unveiled, to rival Square in mobile payments, March 2012

  29. dispatches agents to provide A/V inspection of goods and property, June 2011

  30. Looxcie announces LooxcieLive, first wearable live video streaming from Looxcie wearable bluetooth camcorder to mobile devices, January 2011

  31. PayPal launches PayPal Local, October 2010

  32. introduces same-day Local Express Delivery, October 2009