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Consumeron, LLC

523 West 6th Street

Suite 1102

Los Angeles, CA 90014

For investors looking for the next great intellectual property business investment, Consumeron is worth investigating. Our cutting-edge delivery app, which allows consumers to place orders with “grabbers” – roving on-demand personal assistants – has the potential to turn today’s delivery paradigm on its head. No more waiting on packages to arrive, no more notices of missed deliveries. With Consumeron, you get the items you need from local sources as soon as possible, usually in 50 minutes or less.

The Consumeron app gives consumers all the options they need to ensure they get what they want, where and when they need it. Our app allows clients to choose nearby grabbers or work with one they’ve developed a relationship with, and then to track the location of their orders as they are in progress. Most importantly, Consumeron uses the latest telecommunications technology to allow clients to see what their grabber is getting for them and to communicate with them, providing consumers with “remote control shopping,” and eliminating time-wasting mistakes.

If you’re an investor looking for intellectual property for sale, lease, franchise, or licensure, Consumeron’s game-changing app provides ground-level entry into an IP investment with tremendous growth potential. The IP investment market is turning into the dot-com boom of the 2010s, providing unlimited opportunity for investment growth, but only if you get in at the right time. If you’re looking for a golden opportunity to invest in mobile app intellectual property for sale, there may be few opportunities as good as Consumeron.