The problem with the last mile in 2015

This sums up the problem with today’s last mile landscape. How can you be sure you’re getting what you want? In our experience with last mile delivery services, we’ve observed a particularly high error rate – wrong items, unwanted substitutions, and omissions. Postmates CEO Bastian Lehmann appeared this week on Bloomberg West TV with Emily Chang, where she (starting at 3:30) asked him:

“There have been a few times where something’s been missing from my order. It happened again last week! It happened again last week and it was too much trouble to call and tell them… it was the entree! How do you handle that kind of quality control?”

While Lehmann expressed concerns over growing in a way that maintains high standards of quality, the truth is, until a consumer can see what their shopper sees in real time, they’ll never be certain they’re getting the right thing. When will Postmates and their competitors bring the power of mobile telepresence to their platforms? Stay tuned.

What Is Consumeron?

Have you noticed that 24 hours isn’t enough time in a day anymore to accomplish everything you need to do? A personal assistant would help, but who can afford it? Answer: You can – thanks to Consumeron, a new high-tech personal assistant on-demand service that provides highly qualified, hyperconnected assistants to help lessen the crunch.

Consumeron, based in Los Angeles, has finally cracked the code for last mile delivery.  Utilizing cutting edge communication technologies, Consumeron opens up the personal service industry for anyone to enjoy — and all you need is an internet-connected device.

Grab your smartphone, tablet, or laptop and simply choose a “grabber” (a roving personal assistant) near your location – choose one who’s an expert in what you’re shopping for, choose a personal favorite, or just choose the closest one – and off they go, in an energy-efficient hybrid vehicle, to complete the tasks you didn’t have time to do… and usually in under 50 minutes.

Need building materials from Home Depot, wine for dinner, even medication from the pharmacy?  Consumeron’s grabbers can bring you anything, from construction to cosmetics, anytime, anywhere.

New York City congestion: Consumeron lets you beat this

Using live streaming video via 4G and GPS technology, you’ll be able to see what your grabber sees in real time, communicate with them directly, and even see where your grabber is at any given time, ensuring that you’re getting exactly what you want, when you want it. Consumeron is indispensable for the times when you don’t know exactly what you want, and after all, you can’t search a store’s shelves online.

Need it tomorrow at noon?  Need the same groceries delivered once a week? No problem. Orders can be stored in your personal shopping cart and automated, and can even become scheduled for regular delivery.

Consumeron also uses cutting-edge barcode and visual search technology to make life even easier for you.  Want to know the nutrition facts on those cookies your grabber’s in front of?  Let the grabber zap the barcode with their camera, and watch the facts instantaneously pop up on your device.  And when it comes time to build your weekly grocery list, forget tedious online searches and detailed data entry – just use your smartphone to snap a photo of the barcodes in your pantry, in the store, or even a picture of the item in an ad, and let Consumeron do the rest!

As if the convenience of more time in your day isn’t enough, Consumeron is affordable for everyone.  By generating advertising revenue on grabbers’ hybrid vehicles in metropolitan areas, Consumeron keeps delivery costs affordable. Features like Trip Sharing allow a grabber to be shared with others in your neighborhood, building, or office, to combine bulk shopping orders, thereby reducing cost.

And beyond the luxuries that Consumeron’s personalized customer service provides, this new technology will create thousands of much-needed jobs across the country.

Technology has upped our standard of living as a whole, and has made itself both a luxury and necessity. By capitalizing on the two, Consumeron could open up a world of options, and finally bridge the worlds of online shopping and brick-and-mortar retail.